Welcome to Curioser and Curioser!

A quick tour:

Wonder will direct you to my (just started!) series on article on, well, wonder – what it is, and why it’s so important to philosophy and to life in general. You will find long-form articles, and shorter additions directing you to wonderful things I’ve found all over the Web.

Teaching will direct you to my blog/resource center for philosophy teachers and teachers in general. The activities described there are the ones I’ve found really helpful in class. They are free to use and modify. I hope you’ll find them helpful too! Comments and collaborations are welcome.

What to Watch with Your Kids (W2WK) lists movies & shows that both my kids and I have not just tolerated, but actually enjoyed watching together. Test-driven (most of them), and with comments on recommended minimum age and appropriateness. Have time for a movie night, and don’t know what to watch? Give these a try!

(I’ve been a bit out of touch here, but I’ll probably have to begin a What to Watch with your Teens soon!)

Alf the Red is Alfredo Mac Laughlin, assistant professor in Philosophy at St. Ambrose University in the Quad Cities.

Die-hard fan of Aristotle, Aquinas and Lonergan (extra points if you heard of the last one); of science fiction, fantasy, and adventure stories in cool time periods, and of *real* science too; of Die Hard (conveniently), Indiana Jones, and The Empire Strikes Back; of Homer, Dickens, and Huck Finn; of Tolkien, Lewis, Chesterton and Milne; of teaching, writing, pondering and wondering; of cheerful heroes, clever villains and wise masters, and mostly of All that is Good. Recently adopted by Chicago, sixteen-inch softball (I broke the same finger twice!), kung-fu, soccer coaching (which in Argentina we call Fútbol) and the English language.

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